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    New update.

    The first trailer for the Japanese Version of " Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two " was just released on the japanese Nintendo Direct. Also gives us the first sound of Oswald , Ortensia , Gus and the Mad Doctor 's voices in Japanese.

    Another update:

    WOW! an actual update! And it's Oswald and Ortensia related too!
    Seems like Epic Mickey 2 for Wii and WiiU and Epic Mickey: power of illusion for 3DS will finally release in Japan on September 26th according to Shinobi's twitter account (same day as WWHD). [link]

    So. If you ever wanted to hear Oswald and Ortensia speak japanese or if you are hoping for more Japanese Oswald and Ortensia merch. Septemb…

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