10. Ravi Ross

He is one of the shallow characters ever made my Disney Channel. He is copied from the stereotype of Indians. Those stereotypes would include - nerdy

- weak


Worst of all he is the punching bag of the cast.

9. Austin Moon

He is one of those "talented" singer- dancer characters. He is pretty dumb for someone his age. He dated multiple girls and has almost no ill effects from break ups.

8. Dez

Like Austin he is also dumb and is comic relief. That is all he does.

7. Stan

I appreciate the cartoonish features of a talking dog, but come on it's not like Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, Patch, Penny, Freckles, Dipstick, Mooch, Lady, Tramp, Scamp, Angel, Anette, Danielle, Colette... can speak.

6. Fletcher(A.N.T Farm)

He's a punching bag of the cast and serves as a means for boys to watch the show.

5. Zuri Ross

She is meant to be cute, but she comes off as rude and obnoxious. She get everything she wants and almost never gets in trouble.

4. Emma Ross

She is equally as obnoxious as Zuri if not more. She is more concerned about the opinions of others and not about her opinions on herself.

3. London Tipton

Honestly, she started out good until she became overly exaggerated in her dumbness.

2. Bailey Pickett

I personally find her as some kind of unneeded add-on to the cast.

1. Hannah Montana or Luke Ross

Oh where do I start? Is it because she started the Hannah Era of Disney Channel or is it because she was portrayed as outlandish as possible even by Disney standards? It is because she started the long night known as the Hannah Era.

Luke on the other hand is an extreme form of Zack Martin. Luke is a pervert, untalented, and has no decency at all.For crying out loud at lest Zack has a sense of morality while Luke would ruin a man's career. Give me your top ten worst.