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    Disney Channel really? Honestly I though that Disney was defined through its cartoons and movies. Good. Quality. Animation.

    These shows pass off for family entertainment these days. I mean really. Who thinks it's a good idea to make a show about promoting racism and promoting "talent." The DTV sequels are better than this junk.

    Hannah Montana- Started the Hannah Era. Made Disney Channel switch to going from great shows to promoting "talent" in these fools.

    If you did not notice, Disney Channel is marketed toward girls. They isolate an audience ( boys). Well karma caught up with them. Their ratings are being driven to the ground. What is their solution to this? They take Toon Disney, a channel we watched be consumed with Jetix, and try to clon…

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  • 101Dalmatians

    10. Ravi Ross

    He is one of the shallow characters ever made my Disney Channel. He is copied from the stereotype of Indians. Those stereotypes would include - nerdy

    - weak


    Worst of all he is the punching bag of the cast.

    9. Austin Moon

    He is one of those "talented" singer- dancer characters. He is pretty dumb for someone his age. He dated multiple girls and has almost no ill effects from break ups.

    8. Dez

    Like Austin he is also dumb and is comic relief. That is all he does.

    7. Stan

    I appreciate the cartoonish features of a talking dog, but come on it's not like Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, Patch, Penny, Freckles, Dipstick, Mooch, Lady, Tramp, Scamp, Angel, Anette, Danielle, Colette... can speak.

    6. Fletcher(A.N.T Farm)

    He's a punching bag of the cas…

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    Girl Meets World is probably one of the best Hannah Montana Era sitcoms on Disney Channel today in my opinion. I personally like the fact that this one tries to stay away from the "comically dysfunctional family" trope like Jessie and Good Luck Charlie. The pilot episode I personally liked because I had a friend that also had a homework rebellion years ago. It was nowhere as extreme as Maya's, but still it was a good effort. The best thing of all is thatGirl Meets World lacks your auto-tuned teen idol that has all the talent in the world.

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