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aka Maxwell Goudiss

Chat moderator
101,029 Frames since joining this wiki
February 24, 2011
  • I live in Brooklyn
  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is Social student in Ms. Kotlar's class and Ms. Sutherland's class at the Hallen School
  • I am Male
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Personality Eager, confident, sometimes not-too-bright
Occupation Disney Wiki editor (formerly Muppet Wiki editor)
Goal To become an administrator/bureaucrat, and to also become a chat moderator on the Disney Wiki again after a little accident of not using the status wisely.
Home New York
Allies Byzantinefire, Olivier Baghdadi, Walt Disney, Jr., Tangled99
Enemies Jack Rich or any users who vandalized or inserts false information on pages
Likes Earning badges, being a chat moderator, creating/expanding pages, Muppets, Alice, going out with the girls.
Dislikes Being blocked, being denied special privileges, not being an admin, other users or administrators ignoring my pleas of permission, and bad messages.
Powers and abilities Muppets and Girl Power.
Weapons Intelligence, maturity and a mixture of Minnie's intelligence, maturity and beloved necessities with a dash of Daisy's wacky, childish and wild nature.

About me

Hi, I'm Maxwell Goudiss! Just happens that since Disney owns the rights to The Muppets since 2004, I thought I could check around here and expand my horizon on a wiki for a little bit! I'm a well-known contributor on Muppet Wiki. My favorite Disney character is Alice. She has the most skirt peeks of any female character, but none of them are in a sexual way, of course, because she wears bloomers over her legs. Wendy Darling, however, isn't so lucky, as she wears a night dress rather than a day dress.




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