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My name is not Jeremy Creek; that is merely the name of the protagonist of one of my favorite Christmas specials. I have come to provide help here on the Disney Wiki, because this is one wiki that is in serious need of help from people like me. I have been a big fan of Disney my whole life, and as someone who also knows quite a bit about the company's animated productions, I have a lot to contribute here, particularly for stuff relating to Disney's most underappreciated division.

That brings me to what I feel needs to be addressed - Walt Disney Television Animation and the neglect it has been suffering from its parent company. For the past 25 years, Disney has been producing lots of excellent television cartoons, but the company never gives them the same respect they give their animated features and shorts or (gag me) the live-action Disney Channel shows. You'd be hard-pressed to find characters created for these shows at the theme parks, and you certainly won't find them making cameos in the Kingdom Hearts games. And it certainly doesn't help that Disney has taken most of these shows off the air and only released varied percentages of them on DVD. (Needless to say, I was pretty much surprised to hear that Darkwing Duck was getting a revival in comic book form back in 2010!) Even worse, after they stop producing the shows, Disney tends to forget ever making the shows, to the point that they forget facts established about characters who appeared in both the feature films and the TV cartoons (such as Timon's last name and Captain Hook having a swordfight with Don Karnage).

That's what I'm here for. The Disney company may forget about their TV cartoons, but I sure haven't. While there are plenty of people who can give information regarding the theatrical animated features (and even their sequels), my contributions are mostly based around the TV cartoons, both spun off from the movies and not, as well as the comic books, since the Disney company also tends to disregard facts established in those as well. And need I mention, I do not appreciate when my hard work gets reverted away by people who may not have actually seen the shows, so please, do not undo my contributions without a good reason.

And am I the only user on this Wiki who knows how to type things properly?


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