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February 22, 2012
  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is Student, Disney Fan, Star Wars Fan, Marvel Fan, Gravity Falls Fan, Wonder Over Yonder Fan
  • I am Male
Hi my name is Doofenshmirtz95. I am a huge fan of everything Disney, Pixar and Star Wars and love to help out to other users at this wikia. Plus I love Heinz Doofenshmirtz!! Enjoy my page.

My Userboxes

Crown (Gold) KHIIFM This user is an admin on Lucasfilm Wiki.

Walt-Disney-Screencaps-The-Walt-Disney-Logo-walt-disney-characters-31865565-2560-1440 This user is a HUGE Disney fan.

LuxoJr Lamp 1 This user is a fan of Pixar.

830px-Muppets tonight This user believes in the rainbow connection of the Muppets.

Star Wars Logo.svg This user loves the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Rebels logo This user rebels against the Empire in Star Wars Rebels.

MarvelLogo.svg This user is a HUGE Marvel fan.

Wander Over Yonder poster This user explored the universe with Wander and Sylvia in Wander Over Yonder.
Title-Wander-character left side This user is the friendliest face in outer space.
Lord Hater This user wants to control the entire universe.
Lilo1 This user knows that family means no one is left behind.
Stitch Render This user is cute and fluffy.
Ralphnew002 This user game-jumped into Wreck-It Ralph.
Aladdin Platinum Edition Digital This user found a Magic Lamp in Aladdin.
Lilo-Stitch-Poster-disney-18651967-1248-1772 This user rocked out with Lilo & Stitch.
Tangled rapunzel poster 20 This user got Tangled.

Dumbo poster This user had just seen an elephant fly in Dumbo.
Lady and the Tramp poster This user watched the romance in Lady and the Tramp.
Agents of SHIELD logo This user joined Level 7.
Vlcsnap-2012-08-17-17h04m19s230 This user captured all the Experiments in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.
The Avengers poster2 This user defended the Earth with the Avengers.

Woodytoystory Reach for the sky, this user's favorite character is Sheriff Woody.
Buzz Lightyear This user went to Infinity and Beyond with Buzz Lightyear.
Rapunzel Disney This user had the best day ever with Rapunzel!

Jasmine Pose This user is no object; they fight for the ones they love like Jasmine.

Timon 1 This user is lazy, but believes in Hakuna Matata.
Untitled-6 This user has a gas problem...

Heinz Doofenshmirtz 5 Curse you, Doofenshmirtz95! This user wants to take over the ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA!
Tangled (276) At last this user can See the Light, and it's like the fog has lifted.
Ducktalesv4 This user is friends with JeremyCreek.

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Princess Anna This user's heart was warmed by Anna.

Aladdinhips This user's favorite character is a diamond in the rough.
Wall-e Render This user is very curious.
EVE This user is sweet, but tough.
Mulan-disneyscreencaps com-4832 This user will Make a Man Out of You.

Wendy's appearance This user is cool and lazy.

Gravity Falls - Title Card This user unravels the mysteries of Gravity Falls.
Olaf transparent This user loves summer.

Mulan 1999 Cover This user saved all of China with Mulan.

Frozen ver6 xlg This user fell into the icy world of Frozen.

Beauty and the Beast (Diamond Edition 2010) This user watched a ballroom dance in Beauty and the Beast.

Bambi DiamondEdition This user saw the new prince born in Bambi.
95c51ab1e31e8c5b80666f376783d91dabfcde61 This user wished upon a star in Pinocchio.
The-Princess-And-The-Frog-poster This user toured New Orleans in The Princess and the Frog.
Genie5 This user is best buds with Genie.
ElsaPose This user lets it go like Elsa, the Queen of Snow.

Elsamagic Let it go, let it go, this user can't hold it back anymore.

Sylvia This user enjoys fighting but has a soft side for Wander.
C-3PO droid This user is a fan of C-3PO Human Cyborg Relations
R2-D2 Droid This user is a fan of R2-D2 Beep.
Peepers presentation This user is Lord Hater's #1 henchman.
PMwIexx This user is Iron Man.
Carl Frederickson This user crossed their heart with Carl Fredricksen.
Russell This user is a Junior Wilderness Explorer.
Dug-up Hi, Doofenshmirtz95, my name is Dug, I have just met you and I love you. SQUIRREL! This user is willing to help his new master.
Hrcr01 This user went Flyin' by on a Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.
Disney-Infinity-logo This user is an avid player of Disney INFINITY.

Disney INFINITY 3.0 Logo This user journeyed to the far, far away galaxy in the 3.0 Edition of Disney INFINITY.

WuffiSilver This user is friends with the silvery wings of night.


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