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Ursa Gummi
Ursa is a Gummi Bear character who appears in the Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


Ursa is the hot-blooded female leader of the Barbics, an isolated, defensive and war absorbed clan of Gummies who have a a great distrust and sometimes, hatred, of humans, who formerly lived in Barbic Woods, and whom now live in Ursalia. She is protective of Buddy, but hates his non-Barbic hobbies and pushes him to prove his toughness as a Barbic. She has a similar personality to Gruffi, due to her hot temper and devotion to Gummi tradition, although her focus is purely on Barbic tradition, rather than that of the ancient Gummis.

Ursa hated humans due to their destruction of her tribe's home, which forced the Barbics to move to Ursalia. In search of revenge, she and the Barbics sought out the Ultimate Gummi Weapon to destroy the entire human race. But after seeing the damage it could cause, not only to humans, but to themselves as well, she decided against it.

Ursa's hatred remained strong until the Glen Gummis brought Cavin to Ursalia to witness Buddy's Test of Bearhood. After a spat between the two, in which Cavin claimed to be as tough as any Barbic, Ursa suggested he also take the test to prove himself, which Cavin eagerly accepted. During the final phase of the test, in which Cavin and Buddy had to pass through the dreaded Gordian Gulch near Ursalia, Ursa revealed she had laid a few surprises for Cavin in the gulch, intent on seeing Buddy defeat the young human. Her plan backfired however, as she, Gruffi and Sir Thornberry discovered a pair of satyr-like Hairy Gobbers in the gulch, who were intent on skinning Cavin and Buddy alive. Ursa led the other two into the gulch, determined to rescue Buddy (though not necessarily Cavin) but set off several of her own traps and was ultimately captured by the Gobbers along with Gruffi and Sir Thornberry. After Cavin and Buddy risked their lives to rescue them, Ursa admitted she was wrong about the young human and that his actions proved his worth, making Cavin an honorary Barbic.

Ursa is voiced by Pat Musick.


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