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Up Soundtrack
Released May 26, 2009
Label Walt Disney Records
Running time
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The Up soundtrack is composed by Michael Giacchino, who also composed the score for Ratatouille and The Incredibles. The soundtrack is only available as a digital download on iTunes.


  1. Up with Titles
  2. We’re in the Club Now
  3. Married Life
  4. Carl Goes Up
  5. 52 Chachki Pickup
  6. Paradise Found
  7. Walkin’ the House
  8. Three Dog Dash
  9. Kevin Beak’n
  10. Canine Conundrum
  11. The Nickel Tour
  12. The Explorer Motel
  13. Escape from Muntz Mountain
  14. Giving Muntz the Bird
  15. Stuff We Did
  16. Memories Can Weigh You Down
  17. The Small Mailman Returns
  18. He’s Got the Bird
  19. Seizing the Spirit of Adventure
  20. It’s Just a House
  21. The Ellie Badge
  22. UP with End Credits
  23. The Spirit of Adventure
  24. Carl’s Maiden Voyage (Sound Effects)
  25. Muntz’s Dark Reverie (Sound Effects)
  26. Meet Kevin in the Jungle (Sound Effects)

Music Credits

  • Music by Michael Giacchino
  • Music Orchestrated and Conducted by Tim Simonec
  • Music Recorded and Mixed by Dan Wallin
  • Music Editor: Stephen M. Davis
  • Music Contractor: Reggie Wilson
  • Assistant Music Contractor: Connie Boylan
  • Score Coordinator: Andrea Datzman
  • Music Preparation: Booker White – Walt Disney Music Library
  • Additional Conducting by Marshall Bowen
  • Additional Orchestrations by Jack J. Hayes, Peter Boyer, Michael Giacchino, Jennifer Hammond, Larry Kenton, Cameron Patrick
  • Assistant Music Editor: Alexandra Apostolakis
  • Compositional Robotic Defensive Artist: Dave Craftsman
  • Sound Effects Provided by Skywalker Sound
  • Executive Music Producer: Chris Mountain
  • Music Supervisor: Tom MacDougall
  • Music Production Director: Andrew Page
  • Post Production Supervisor: Paul Cichocki
  • Music Business Affairs: Donna Cole-Brulé
  • Music Production Coordinator: Ashley Chafin
  • Executive Music Assistant: Jill Heffley
  • Music Production Assistant: Siobhan Sullivan
  • Music Recorded and Mixed at Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage
  • Recordists: Greg Dennen, Tom Hardisty
  • Scoring Crew: Richard Wheeler, Jay Selvester, Ryan Robinson, Jamie Olvera
  • “The Spirit of Adventure” Vocals by Craig Copeland
  • Album Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering
  • Music/Creative Marketing: Glen Lajeski
  • Bonus Video Producer: Galyn Susman
  • Bonus Video Directors: Tony Kaplan, Erica Milsom

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