The Unemployment Lady is a minor character in the 2000 Disney direct-to-DVD comedy film An Extremely Goofy Movie.

An Extremely Goofy Movie

In the movie when Goofy loses his job at Beekins Toy Factory he goes to an Unemployment Office, hoping to find a job. He sits down in the office of an Unemployment Lady, who is a counselor there as she reads his paperwork. She finds out that Goofy doesn't have a college degree and says that the office can only help people get jobs who have degrees and suggests that Goofy should return to college to get a degree but Goofy thinks he's too old for college to which the Unemployment Lady tells Goofy that he is never too old to learn a new trick and she sends him to the college that Max is at so he can get a degree and find a job. She later appears in Goofy's Flashbacks during the "Come On, Get Happy" sequence.