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Uncle Remus is the deuteragonist, narrator, and titular character of African American folktales. The stories were adapted and compiled by Joel Chandler Harris. His first film appearance was in Disney's 1946 hit Song of the South in which he narrates the animated segments, telling the Brer Rabbit stories.


Song of the South

Other appearances

Disney Parks

Uncle Remus is not seen in Splash Mountain. However, the famous lines he says when telling his stories appear on the walls in the queue and exit areas.

Also, Br'er Frog substitutes for the role of Uncle Remus, as seen at the very beginning of the ride as he proceeds to spin a Brer Rabbit yarn.


  • James Baskett, the actor who portrayed Uncle Remus, was given an honorary Oscar in 1948 for the portrayal of the character in Song of the South.  He became the second African-American to ever win an Academy Award, the other being Hattie McDaniel for her supporting role in Gone with the Wind, who funny enough, starred in Song of the South and is seen on screen with him. James Baskett, unfortunately died four months later, at the age of 44, from a heart attack, brought on by diabetes.


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