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"Uncle Ernesto" is the seventy-sixth episode overall and the twenty-fifth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Justin, Alex and Max promise a magic-free night for their mother's birthday. When they invite their Uncle Ernesto over, they must stow away magical gifts from Uncle Kelbo. After opening the presents, chaos breaks out as the kids try to hide magic from their mother and uncle. In the end of the episode, Alex proves that she loves her mother more than magic by discarding the egg of a FuChicken (see "Magical objects" section below) which would have told who would win the wizard competition.

Magical Objects

  • FuChicken- A chicken that lays an egg which has an answer to a question the FuChicken was asked in it. If scared, it will lay various breakfast foods, including the plate which they are on.
  • Party in a Box – A small box that, when opened, causes a party to appear.
  • Magic Swiss Army Bag – A bag that has anything needed for survival in it, i.e., a toothpick or a magical helper.

Special Guest Star

  • Wilmer Valderrama as Uncle Ernesto

Guest starring

  • Michael D. Cohen as Swiss Army Elf


  • Uncle Ernesto was mentioned in the episode "Justin's Little Sister" (season 1) when Theresa mentioned that Justin looked like Uncle Ernesto. Also Max's middle name is Ernesto.

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