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Uncle Dumpling is the head chef of the Go-Rong Restaurant and a flavor expert! Uncle Dumpling really looks out for Pucca and is always ready to dish out advice, even if it's a little wacky!

In episode Dance,Pucca,Dance He ask pucca to wear his chef costume ho and dumpling feal jealous for not think in that costume but he end wearing the costume in the party. Also in Chef splum'p' he fells depresed fot the one who let a noodle in the dish so he tells his brothers to go to the chefs challenge to prove their honor.

In Feud Fight he angy with his brother for having ruined the dish that they were cooking so he go to work alone startind a new restaurant of ???. Also in episode Ring Ring party favours He the idea to make a party for pucca to make her happy also he send the invitation to the village alone with his brothers.

Characters variations

  • Alien Uncle Dumpling
  • Ping Pong player Uncle dumpling
  • Chefs costume Uncle Dumpling
  • Postman Uncle Dumpling
  • Depressed(sad) Uncle dumpling
  • Swinsuit Uncle Dumpling
  • Snowboard Suit Uncle Dumpling
  • Angry Uncle Dumpling
  • Maid Uncle Dumpling


He has black barb and black hair. His clothes is a light black with black pants. He has a white chef tunic.

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