Brigadier General Robert E. Lee Sparrowhawk, Retired, better known as Uncle Bob, is a guest character in the Goof Troop episode "Major Goof". He is the uncle of Peg, the great uncle of P.J. and Pistol, and a retired Army general.



  • His full name is an homage to American Civil War hero, General Robert E. Lee.
  • According to the French Goof Troop (La Bande à Dingo) comic story "A Vos Souhaits!" ("Bless You!"), published in Le Journal de Mickey issue 2151 in 1993, Uncle Bob is apparently married. In that story, Pete looks for an old top hat in the bottom drawer of his dresser. Once he finds it, he refers to the hat as "The top hat from Uncle Bob's wedding!" ("Le chapeau haut de forme du marriage de L'oncle Bob!").