Umperio Bogarto

Humphrey Gokart is a private detective. He was invented by Carlo Chendi and Giorgio Cavazzano in the early 1980s. He is named after the actor Humphrey Bogart. Bogarto's office is straight from a typical 1920s-era American detective novel. He is running severely late on payment of his rent. Bogarto wears a trench coat, a fedora and gum-soled shoes.

As a detective, Bogarto is rather clumsy and incompetent. Despite this, Scrooge McDuck often relies on his services, because he is by far the cheapest detective in Duckburg. Bogarto started his career as a hotel detective, with the job of looking for clients who left without paying. After moving on to bigger cases, Bogarto has started cooperating with Fethry Duck.

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