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Uh-Oa, the Tiki Goddess of Disaster

Uh-Oa's Song is a song from the former Magic Kingdom show The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management), a refurbishment of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, that ran from 1998-2011.

After the Tiki Room's New Manager, Iago mocks the Tiki God's, despite warnings from his Co-Manger Zazu, the Enchanted Tiki Room Birds and other denizens of the Tiki Room, one too many times with his antics, the room is flushed into darkness. A thunderstorm erupts and Uh-Oa the Tiki Goddess of Disaster arrives. She punishes Iago and curses him for his insolence before vanishing back from which she came from.


(lightning strike)

What was that!?!

Tiki Idol's
(chanting) Uh-Oa, Uh-Oa, Uh-Oa-Oa-Oa
Uh-Oa, Uh-Oa, Uh-Oa-Oa-Oa

Tiki Room Birds
Uh-Oa, The Tiki Goddess of Disaster!

(Tiki Idol's Chanting continues underneath dialogue)

Who Dares Defame the Tiki Gods!

It was him!

OH, Thank You Very Much Zazu!

Be Careful My Fine-Feather-Friend!
When You Mess With Polynesia, The Tiki Gods Will Squeeze Ya!

Ya Messing with me baby!

Ain't the thing to do!

(spoken) Some of my best friends are Tiki Gods!

(sung) Ya stressing me baby!

Should've listen to Zazu!

(spoken) Gee! Look at the time, gotta fly!

(sung) Ya can't fly away, now you're stuck!

(spoken) Help, I'm Stuck!

(sung) I have cursed you for pushing your luck!


It won't help to yell,
You are under my spell,
Look Out! Parrot,
You're A Dead Duck!


(Iago Vanishes)

(Uh-Oa returns from whence she came, cackling maniacally)

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