Two Singers on Tour is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


In the comic, Pumbaa is dreaming about eating worms, crickets, and beetles until awaken by Timon who is actively dancing. Pumbaa asks Timon if he is feeling okay, and assumes he has come down with a bad case of sunstroke. Timon replies by telling his friend to not be so "cheeky", and that he'll be grateful for his plan to sing to the other animals, and in exchange they give them bugs for the entertainment. Pumbaa dismisses Timon's plan at first, but Timon claims they'll do it. When Pumbaa starts to sing, Timon realizes that they need a lot of practice. So, Timon and Pumbaa practice for hours on their singing.

When the duo perform in front of a group of monkeys, they sing so badly that the young monkeys get frightened and the adult monkeys chase after Timon and Pumbaa. Luckily, Timon and Pumbaa hide inside a bush. The duo try again with a herd of gazelle, and the gazelles try to tell them to stop or they'll attract predators. The duo see leopards, and Timon tells Pumbaa to not mock his plan, but instead, run away into a cave where he can be ashamed. Finally, the two singers sit in a dark cave, but Pumbaa complains to Timon that he is hungry for grubs. However, Timon thinks his plan was good, but they need more practice and another audience.

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