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"Two Happy Amigos" is an episode of Walt Disney Presents that originally aired on ABC on February 5, 1960.


This episode is a sequel of sorts to The Three Caballeros, as Donald Duck and Jose Carioca get back together. After learning that he's about to be visited by his good friend from Brazil (by Walt Disney), Donald prepares for the occasion, but has problems with a bee stealing his honey.

Anyway, Jose Carioca comes to Donald because he wants to see parts of his country, and Donald honors those wishes, giving him a glance of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Florida Everglades, and the North Woods in Maine, where we see an odd tale about a mini-moose and a full-sized moose with mini-sized antlers.

After that, Jose Carioca returns the favor, showing Donald Duck a film some of the aviary life in South America, and we see a feature about a boy and a flying donkey in Mexico.


The part with the Dick Wesson intro of Walt Disney was not in the original Disney Channel version, which I used as the original source material. That was something I added in. Also, there are several scenes in this presentation from "The Three Caballeros" that were not used in "A Present for Donald" several years earlier, including the girls created from Jose's cigar smoke and the Bahia song sequence. Those were not used in "A Present for Donald", but were scenes from "The Three Caballeros".


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