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"Twister" is a 3-part episode of The Suite Life on Deck, the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth episode of the third season and the sixty-sixth, sixty-seventh and sixty-eighth episode overall.


Part 1

London offers to take Bailey to Kettlecorn to celebrate her grandmother's 90th birthday, but when their blimp malfunctions they are forced to drive the rest of the way. Elsewhere, Zack, Cody, and Woody challenge Mr. Moseby and his brother, who is visiting with his teammates, to a game of basketball, that is until they learn his brother is NBA star Dwight Howard. Meanwhile, Cody is unsure of where or why Bailey has gone to and laments her absence, until he discovers that she went to her family farm. He decides to go there to ultimately win her affections back.

Part 2

Cody arrives in Kettlecorn and is surprised to see that Moose is also there to get Bailey back. Throughout his visit, Bailey takes an immediate disliking to him. A tornado approaches and everyone evacuates into the Pickett's storm shelter. As the tornado hits, Bailey is knocked out and dreams that she is Dorothy Gale and is trying to find her way back home through the Land of Oz. As Bailey unwittingly re-enacts the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, she encounters Moose as the Scarecrow, Cody as the Tin Woodman, London as Glinda the Good Witch, Woody as the Cowardly Lion, Zack as a Flying Monkey, and the Wicked Witch of the West, and Mr. Moseby as a Munchkin. She wakes up from her dream and has to decide between Moose and Cody.

Part 3

The group starts rebuilding Kettlecorn after the tornado, but they continue to struggle to pay off the damage. As a result, London's father, Mr. Tipton arrives (who finally reveals himself) to discuss aiding their monetary costs. Meanwhile, Zack, Woody, and Mr. Moseby attempt to sneak into Kettlecorn with a Search and Rescue team. Unfortunately, Mr. Tipton wants to destroy the farm and build a plastic bag factory; Cody and Bailey manage to convince him its a bad idea, but Zack and Woody overdo it by claiming there's a flesh-eating virus loose. Having seen the movie the two got their idea from, Mr. Tipton changes his mind again; however, London stands up to her father, succeeding in forcing him to leave Bailey's home alone. Strangely, Mr. Tipton is proud of London betraying him; it's also revealed in this episode that he can never remember her unless they meet in person or she's causing him trouble. Grandma Pickett then gives Bailey a can filled with her savings, so she can go back to Seven Seas High. Cody and Bailey then get back together. Grandma Pickett later gives a necklace to Zack as he was trying to find an anniversary gift for Maya.

Guest stars

  • Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink, Dwight Howard as himself, Deron Williams as himself, Kevin Love as himself, Linda Porter as Grammy Pickett, Ginette Rhodes as Eunice Pickett, Mark Teich as Mr. Everhart, Joe Dietl as Clyde Pickett, Michael Ralph as Sergeant Pepper

Special guest stars


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