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"Twins at the Tipton" is the thirty-seventh episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


The Tipton is having a twin convention. Zack forces Cody, who was recently dumped by his girlfriend Irma, to go out on a double date with Janice and Jessica (Camilla and Rebecca Rosso), who are British identical twins. Maddie and London also go on a double date with twins, and Maddie ends up dating the geek twin who is really smart, yet disturbing; while London gets the handsome twin who is just as dumb as she is.


  • At 4:00-4:05 when Bob tells Cody that he has been dumped by Irma, he says "Irma told Kim who told Phill who told Ashley who told Brenda who told Dylan who told Cole who told me." The names used are the first names of the cast members in the reverse of the sequence shown in the opening credits.

Guest stars

  • Rebecca Rosso as Jessica, Camilla Rosso as Janice, Scott Halberstadt as Dirk, Jake Abel as Kirk

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