Twiga is a giraffe featured in the 2016 animated TV series, The Lion Guard.



Twiga is a giraffe with tawny brown fur and darker brown markings. She has a ridge of dark brown fur going up her neck and a forelock of brown fur atop her head. Twiga's eyes are green.


She is noted to be friendly by Beshte, and is very polite, though she is not above laughing and poking fun at another's appearance.

Role in the series

Can't Wait to be Queen

Zazu approaches Twiga as he sings Duties of the King. She is glad to see him, but even more glad to see Simba whom she bows before, along with a hyrax

The Kupatana Celebration

Twiga is one of the animals who sings the special song for the Kupatana Celebration. She is shown rehearsing the song with several other inhabitants of the Pride Lands, including Basi and Mbuni. When the time of Kupatana arrives, Twiga sings the song as the animals assemble. After she and the other animals finish, Simba makes a small speech, and the baobab tree's flowers bloom. The celebration, however, is interrupted by Reirei. Twiga and the other giraffes are attacked by the jackal pups, but Beshte drives them away.

Fuli's New Family

Twiga appears briefly during the song My Own Way as Fuli darts between the legs of the giraffes, and again as the animals run through the Pride Lands.

The Imaginary Okapi

Upon spotting Twiga feeding from the trees, Ajabu dashes into hiding. Twiga greets Beshte cordially, and Beshte greets her in return. When Ajabu returns, Beshte remarks that there is no need to hide from Twiga, as she is friendly. Twiga briefly appears during the song Life in the Pride Lands. She nuzzles a giraffe calf before walking away, followed by the calf and another two giraffes.

Janja's New Crew

Twiga is walking along when Ono flies abruptly in front of her. The egret apologizes and advises her against continuing on the trail that she is on. She tells him that she must get to Big Springs, but Bunga informs her that a mudslide has blocked the path. Twiga realizes what he means and thanks him for the heads-up, a statement Bunga finds hilarious.

Never Roar Again

Twiga and the other giraffes' water hole has been blocked by boulders. The Lion Guard arrives to sort things out, and, noticing that Ono has lost his crest feathers, Shingo calls him an "egghead." Ono initially believes this to be a reference to his intelligence, but Twiga bends down and tells him that it's because his head looks like an egg, laughing with Shingo. Bunga defends his friend, insisting that his head looks more like a hippo's bottom, which only results in more laughter from the two giraffes. When the boulders are removed, she goes to the water hole and drinks with her herd.

Babysitter Bunga

Twiga tries to get a Drink from the Watering Hole, but needs to keep her Daughter, Juhudi, Save and, asks Muhimu where Hamu is. She drops her Daughter off at Hakuna Matata Falls. She later picks up Juhudi when the Jackals are defeated.