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Twice Charmed: An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story is an original musical sequel to Cinderella for Disney Cruise Lines with an Original Book and Score by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, including five new songs and also featuring takes on A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. The story shares similarities with Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, in asking the question what would happen if Lady Tremaine took Cinderella's happy ending from her.


The Day of Cinderella's wedding to the Prince has arrived and the Kingdom celebrates in appropriate fashion. (All Because of a Shoe). But three people aren't celebrating, Cinderella's step-family fume at their outcome, only for their Wicked Fairy Godfather Franco DiFortunato to arrive and offer them the chance to change their own ending. He tells them he will rewind time to before Cinderella's fitting and break both of her slippers. He warns the three that however if Cinderella and her Prince still end happily ever after, then they will be cursed. After some negotiating and prodding Lady Tremaine agrees to the deal. (It's Never Too Late).

Turning back the clock, Prince Charming and The Grand Duke are searching for the maiden who will fit the shoe. Cinderella eagerly awaits for the arrival of the Grand Duke, her slipper and her happy ending. Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella storm into her room, however, and demand that she hand over her slipper. Puzzled as how they knew she had it, she none the less refuses their order. Even so they break her slipper, and to ensure her out of the way, Lady Tremaine has Franco shrink Cinderella down to the size of a mouse. (In A Moment).

Down stairs, Lady Tremaine breaks the other slipper. In lieu of a fitting, she suggest to the Grand Duke that he take Anastasia and Drizella to the palace. There the Prince could chose between the two of them.

Back upstairs, Jaq and Gus comfort their now shrunken friend. That's when the three of them get the idea to call out to the Fairy Godmother. When they realize that they all are too small to reach out, Cinderella get's discouraged. However the Fairy Godmother arrives anyways, and turns her back to normal size, but Jaq and Gus get caught up in the spell by mistake and grow to human size. Thankful for her help, Cinderella gets confused when the Fairy Godmother sends her off to the palace without her dress. The Fairy Godmother tells her she never needed them, that the Prince fell in love with her for who she is. (Inside Out).

Back at the palace, the Prince refuses both of the Step-Sisters and decides to strike out and find his maiden himself. Cinderella arrives at the palace looking for the Prince, but is told by the guards that he has left to find the girl from the ball. The news spreads all over the kingdom and everyone has their own opinion on the matter. (Chasing a Dream).

After searching all over the kingdom the Prince, with a heavy heart, decides to give up the search. Another ball is to be held and this time he will choose his bride. To prepare for the ball Lady Tremaine has Franco turn Anastasia and Drizella into veritable Belle's of the ball.

At The King's black-and-white themed ball, the Prince dances with all of the girls, including Anastasia and Drizella. Just when he is about to choose who will be his princess, Cinderella arrives, dressed in her rags. Though the Prince finds her familiar, Lady Tremaine humiliates her in front of the crowd and the King has a guard remove her. She pleads with the Prince, who despite protests from Lady Tremaine, allows her to tell her story. Before the entire kingdom, Cinderella finds the courage within her and reveals that she was the girl at the ball, not because of what she wore, but because of who she is. (Believe in Me).

The Prince now immediately recognizes her, and chooses Cinderella as his bride. An enraged Lady Tremaine summons Franco to break the two apart. But Franco reminds her of their end of the deal. Cinderella and the Prince found their happy ending once again, therefore she and her daughter are cursed. He sends them off to serve as his slaves for the rest of eternity. Wishing Cinderella and the Prince congratulations, he sets off after hearing of a Queen being hunted by seven dwarfs. (It's Never Too Late (Reprise)).

The Fairy Godmother arrives, revealing to everyone that she's the King's Fairy Godmother as well. She helps prepare the Kingdom for the Royal Wedding, turning everyone's Black-and-White attire to colorful garments, and shrinking Jaq and Gus back to their original size. (Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo). She then transforms Cinderella into a princess and the kingdom celebrate the happy couple. (A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes).

2016 Changes

The show went through a revision in 2016, bringing the story closer too the Third Sequel, which had been released after Twice Charmed, originally opened. In this new book, Lady Tremaine has Franco adjust the shoe to fit Drizella, only for Jaq and Gus remind him of Cinderella. Afterwards, Lady Tremaine has the Prince's memory enchanted by Franco to believe it was Anastasia he had danced and fell in love with at the ball.

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