Turkey Lurkey is one of a number of farmyard animals led astray by Chicken Little, in the 1943 animated short Chicken Little. He is not to be confused with Mayor Turkey Lurkey from the 2005 movie of the same name.

Role in the short

He first appears when Foxy Loxy tells a group of turkeys, including Turkey Lurkey, that Cocky Locky may be dictating situations (as they often discuss the things wrong with the world), as an effort to influence Chicken Little's role as the leader.

He is later seen being lead by Chicken Little, along with the other farm birds. The birds follow the signs to Foxy's cave, where he now has them trapped.

After the narrator reassures the audience that it was a typical "Happy Ending" for the turkey and the other birds. However, it is later contracted, as it's revealed that Foxy Loxy had eaten him and the other birds, warning the Narrator that he shouldn't believe everything he reads, all while smoking a cigar and playing with Chicken Little's yo-yo.