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Tummi Gummi is one of the main protagonists from Disney's 1985-91 television series The Adventures of the Gummi Bears.


Tummi is an easygoing teenage gummi, the more soft spoken of the Gummi Glen Gummis. Like another cartoon character who shares his voice (a certain orange striped tabby out of Muncie, IN) he has an overwhelming appreciation for food. Tummi is usually quiet and is on the tail-end of the Gummi's adventures. When Sunni was kidnapped by Duke Igthorn, he and Grammi searched the towers of Drekmore and were the first to encounter Princess Calla, his first quote to her was, "Ignore us, we're just pigments [sic] of your imagination." When Tummi was forced to go on a diet, he happened upon the interior of a stone Oracle idol (which Gummis of the past had used to trick ogres into giving them gifts). Using this he managed to get Duke Igthorn to believe he was really an oracle and tricked him and his ogres into doing embarrassing things and giving him food. When Igthorn found out it was Tummi, he was about to do away with him until the idol commanded Igthorn to let him go (which was actually Zummi). 

Tummi's sensitive side was always a part of him, including when he accidentally got into the house of a blind shepherd named Trina. Tummi wanted to help her because he didn't understand that just because she was blind she could still take care of herself, and her enhanced hearing and quick thinking came in handy when Igthorn and his ogres searched the house for Tummi. Whether she knew or not that her new little friend was a Gummi or not is open to interpretation. Tummi also aspired to be a Gummi Magician like Zummi and made a wooden verson of a Gummi Medallion. Unbeknownst to Tummi, Cubbi helped make his tricks work from behind the scenes. Tummi was hurt when he found out the truth when he encountered Igthorn in the forest and his magic didn't work, but he and Cubbi worked together happily as a magic act for the other Gummis. Tummi also believes in ghosts and goblins, this was demonstrated when Sunni's adopted little friend Ditto (a wild female boggle) hid under his blanket and disappeared and reappeared.


  • Tummi and Gusto are the only Gummi Bears to wear sandals.
  • Tummi is very similar to Garfield from the cartoon franchise in that they both have gluttonous appetites and are both voiced by Lorenzo Music.


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