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"Tulou Tagaloa" is the opening song from the Disney animated feature Moana.

It was written and composed for the film by Mark Mancina, Opetaia Foa’i, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. It serves as a celebration of the beauty of the Samoan and Polynesian culture as well as a plea to end Te Ka's curse on the islands .


During the opening credits of the film, beginning with the iconic Walt Disney Pictures castle logo, as well as the Walt Disney Animation Studios logo, the song is played in the background. The song ends before the film opens with Gramma Tala's story on Te Fiti and the theft of her heart by the demigod Maui.


Sei e va'ai mai
I le tātou lalolagi
Sei e va'ai mai
I le mātou lalolagi
Sei e mālamalama
[Ko au e tu atu]
E lelei ma le mānaia
[Toku manatu]
Sei e va'ai mai ia
[E taunuku te malaga]
Mānaia o le tātou ōlaga.

Pardon us...
Pardon us...
Oh Tagaloa.
Look down
Upon our world
Look down
Upon our world.
The light
[I stand before you]
It is good and beautiful
[My desire]
Look down
[The journey has begun]
At how beautiful our lives are.

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