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Tulgey Wood
Background Information
Feature films Alice in Wonderland
Television programs House of Mouse
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Video games Kingdom Hearts χ
Park attractions Alice in Wonderland
Alice's Curious Labyrinth
Other Information
Other names
Location Wonderland
Inhabitants Mome Raths
Hammer and Pencil Birds
Visitors Alice
Final state Ceases to exist when Alice wakes up from her dream.
Tulgey Wood is a location in Wonderland. It seems to be a forest that never seems to end. Those who don't know it well enough often tend to get lost here. It is home to many bizarre creatures, such as the Mome Raths.


Alice wanders into the wood hoping to capture the White Rabbit after leaving the tea party. While there, she encounters many weird and bizarre creatures until the Mome Raths point her to a path, only for it to be swept away by a broom-headed dog. Feeling that she now has one way home, Alice sits alone on a rock and sings "Very Good Advice" and cries in despair as the wood appears to fade away into oblivion. The Cheshire Cat then comes along to comfort Alice and he shows her a way out: a secret entrace in a tree leading to the maze of the Queen of Hearts.




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