Tucker is a character in Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco. He is a boy who has a pet cat named Tiger. He is played by Keegan MacIntosh.


Tucker first appears sitting in front of the door of his house, tending his pet cat Tiger, when Shadow, Sassy and Chance are traveling after they are left behind by the Seavers, thanks to Chance whom mistaken the San Francisco International Airport for a dog pound. When Sassy approaches him, Tucker was quite surprise and gives Sassy a gently back rub. But when Chance approaches him, he backs away in fear and his mother orders Chance to go away, but he ignores her, feigning like a cat and she shuts the door on Chance's face.

While Tucker was inside his house having good time with Tiger, fire suddenly erupted around him. His house having caught fire by a cigar that was been thrown by Jack and Ralph who are dogcatchers. While his parents are able to escape, Tucker was trapped inside the burning house with firemen arriving to help them rescue him. Shadow and Sassy returns to their shock that Tucker and his pet cat are still trapped inside. While the firemen are extinguishing the fire Shadow runs through the basement window and looks for them, with Sassy (Who first dissuade Shadow from helping) follows behind to look for Tiger. Shadow finds Tucker and leads him out of the burning house where a fireman carries him to safety and Sassy carries Tiger to him. Tucker then thanks Shadow and Sassy for saving his live and Tiger. When Shadow and Sassy leaves, he calls them where are they going and his father tells him that they are going back home. Shadow and Sassy are met again by Riley and his gang who save them from Ashcan and Pete earlier are impressed at them for saving Tucker and his cat. Tucker was not seen afterwards and soon learned that Jack and Ralph are the ones who cause his house on fire.

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