Trouble in Paradise is a rare, German comic based on The Lion King.


Trouble in Paradise begins with Simba surprise attacking Nala, to which she tells him to stop. Simba asks Nala why doesn't she want to play with him. Nala replies she does, but with Tama. The two cubs run off, and Nala tells Tama she has some place to show her. Simba is curious and follows the two secretly in between two cliffs, to which he finds them going inside a gap inside one of the cliffs. The gap inside the cliff exposes a valley filled with lively colors, butterflies, and beautiful flowers.

Simba thinks the colors and butterflies are boring, and settles down for a nap, unaware a snake who spots the young cub from a branch. When Simba wakes up from a quick nap, a large snake hisses loudly at him, and sees six snakes all around him ready to close in on him. Meanwhile, Tama is being tickled on the nose by a butterfly, and Nala thanks Tama for going with her to the valley, and not Simba. Suddenly, the two cubs hear a cry from help. Tama wonders how Simba got here, to which Nala suggests he followed them here. Tama and Nala race to find Simba surrounded by snakes, and when they find him, they climb a tree, and onto a branch.

The cubs bend the branch over to Simba, and Simba successfully climbs on. However, the snakes try to climb up the tree the three cubs are on. During that same time, Zazu spots the cubs, and wonders what they are doing in the valley. The cubs later decide to jump off the tree, and climb onto some rocks on the side of the waterfall. But, the snakes still continue to chase after the cubs, until Tama jumps onto a loose rock which pushes the snakes off the rocks on the waterfall. Simba, Nala, and Tama successfully climb on top of the waterfall, and see Zazu who try to take the cubs home to Pride Rock. Zazu explains his knowledge of the hidden valley, and suspects Simba knew of the entrance. Simba claims he didn't, as he followed Tama and Nala there. Finally, Simba claims the valley was no playground for cubs to which Nala replies, "Ack, Simba!".


  • A Chapter in The Lion King is called "Trouble in Paradise"
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