Tristin is a friend of Mikayla and jealously hated by Brady.

He is into extreme sports. He appears in the episode Big Kings On Campus. His current whereabouts are unknown as he never appears after Season One.


Tristin attended School with Mikayla. Brady and Boomer also attended school, as Brady was jealous of Tristin. In a plan to make Tristin stay away from Mikayla, Brady convinces the teacher that Tristin can be bad in some subjects due to his love of extreme sports. However, Tristin begins to take classes with Mikayla. Brady then creates a new holiday and sends Tristin to hunt Yeti, but he gives up of his dream and stays on Kinkow. Brady then attempts to like extreme sports to impress Mikayla. Tristin invites Brady to a dangerous sport. Mikayla tells Brady that she is not interested in Tristin, and that Brady has his own qualities. (Big Kings On Campus)


Big Kings On Campus