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Tristan is a character from The Proud Family episode; "Tiger Whisperer".

Role in the episode

Tristan is first seen magically bringing his pet tiger, "Sasha" to Trudy's vet in front of Penny's eyes. Tristan complains about how "Sasha" has been acting all week like refusing to wear "her" tutus, riding a bicycle, wearing ribbons on "her" tail, and kissing Tristan. Luckily, Penny is able to communicate with the tiger through psychic telepathy. "Sasha" explains "her" situation like how "her" name is actually "Ajay", "she" is a boy, "she" hates dressing up like a girl, and "she" likes antelope liver with fava beans better than the food Tristan feeds "her": Tofu burgers, protein shakes, and seaweed crepe.

After Penny feeds Ajay dog food and seeing how happy his tiger is, Tristan magically offers tickets to Penny in gratitude for helping "Sasha", or Ajay as he is finding very hard to refer to him as.

At the circus show, Tristan performs tricks involving making BeBe & CeCe disappearing and then hatching out of an egg and converting Suga Mama and Puff, the non-magic believers (which he hates) with their faces, which provokes Suga Mama to jump out and bite the magician on the arm in front of the audience.

Then, Tristan makes Ajay wear a hula dress and still insists on treating him like a girl and calling him "Sasha". The magician tells Ajay to give him an apple but instead, Ajay scratches him and starts growling, which scares the audience including Tristan away. Later, when he sees Trudy and Penny bringing "Sasha", who is faking his illness, Tristan asks them if "she"'s going to be alright. Trudy tells him that Ajay is "very, very sick and needs a rest." Then, Tristan asks her what is he going to without Ajay since they're booked for Rosie (another tiger probably) next week. Trudy suggests he "sticks his head in her mouth"; an idea which Tristan naively finds very clever.


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