Tripp Ryan Campbell (portrayed by Logan Miller) is the main protagonist of I'm in the Band. He is the lead guitarist of Iron Weasel, who has always dreamed of joining a rock band. Despite his age, Tripp is the most mature of all the members of Iron Weasel and is determined to help the band make a comeback.


Not much is known about Tripp's background, besides that when he was six, he peed his pants and was known as "Captain Pee Pants" until he was eleven, and that in the third grade, he played guitar for his band with his friend Izzy called "Booger Smack." He was inspired to play guitar by Iron Weasel's former guitarist, Bleed. When he entered a radio contest on the radio show "The DJ Fat Man Show." He answered some questions about Iron Weasel, and thus won dinner at his house with the band. Here, then he requested playing "Pull My Finger" with Iron Weasel and since they sounded great, he asked to be their new lead guitarist. Iron Weasel refused, so Tripp tried to find them a gig. Unsuccessfully, he sneaks them into West Valley High's teacher appreciation assembly, pretending that they won the award, "Band of the Century". Here, then after their performance, Iron Weasel discovers that he lied, thus allow him into the band due to proving that he was committed to helping them. They then start working on making a comeback.



  • He's 15 (16 years old in Season 2).
  • He named his guitar 'Angie', after the first girl he ever had a crush on.
  • When Arlene Roca want to know everything about him, he answered with 'ask Izzy', what shows that the two are really close. Of course, this could also be to get away from Arlene
  • He has locker number 233.
  • His locker combination is left 26- right 8- left 14, then jiggle the handle.
  • He mostly gets detention because of shenanigans in which Iron Weasel is involved.
  • When he was six, he peed his pants.
  • He usually takes out his anger by playing the guitar.
  • His all time favourite horror movie is 'Spiders, Snakes and Clowns'.
  • He was on the way to lose, when he played 'Rock Legend' (a parody of Guitar Hero) with Izzy, but he blew up his game before she beat him.
  • He dislikes shrimp.
  • He can't paint well.
  • As his birthday present, his grandma knitted him a pullover sweater with a babyface and the name 'Brandon' on it. (Birthdazed)
  • Tripp is played by Logan Miller who also voices Nova in Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • He may have romantic feelings for Izzy as seen in Izzy Gonna Sing? and Weaselgate.
  • Most fans would like to see him and Izzy get to together, however some fans would like them to be just friends.