Sure is a pretty piece of space lab.
―Night Guard Brayton[src]

The Trimaxion Drone Ship is a spacecraft that appeared in the movie, Flight of the Navigator, commanded by the AI computer Max, from the planet Phaelon.


The ship is silvery chrome in color. It usually has a shell-like appearance, but when needed, it can change its shape into a somewhat arrow shape for its First Class Manuever. It is also capable of traveling underwater.

It is equipped with a faster than light drive of an undisclosed nature and time travel function, allowing Max to return samples exactly as found without a second missing in-between abduction and return. This means he does not disturb the environment he came to observe.


  • Most of the scenes inside the ship were filmed in a warehouse one hour outside of Oslo, Norway.
  • Creating the ship's chrome ouster surface was a challenge. The filmmakers employed ground-breaking reflection mapping software.


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