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Tribeca Prep is a fictional magnet school that many characters in Wizards of Waverly Place attend.

Known Faculty

  • Hershel Laritate — Principal, Marriage and Family teacher
  • Mr. Clemens — Vice Principal
  • Jennifer Majorheely — Alex's art teacher (former)
  • Ms. Marinovich — Alex's art history teacher
  • Ms. González — Spanish teacher
  • Justin Russo - Student Body President
  • Ms. Weston
  • Ms. Rebred — Chemistry


Various extracurricular activities and clubs have been mentioned, seen, or displayed through posters.

  • Happy Helpers Club (in "Alex Does Good")
  • Key Club (in "Disenchanted Evening")
  • Glee Club (in "Disenchanted Evening")
  • Computer Club (in "Potion Commotion")


  • August Salvatore
  • MacGruder
  • Melissa Merino
  • Talia Robinson
  • Wannabe #1
  • Wannabe #2
  • Alex Russo (graduated class of 2011)
  • Dean Moriarty
  • George
  • Gigi Hollingsworth
  • Harper Finkle (graduated class of 2011; briefly enrolled in class of 1957)
  • Jenny Majorheely (the young Ms. Majorheeley)
  • Jeremy from Science
  • Justin Russo (graduated class of 2010, Valedictorian)
  • Mason Greyback (assumed to have graduated class of 2011)
  • Max Russo
  • Maxine Russo (turned back to Max)
  • Miranda Hampson (assumed to have graduated class of 2009)
  • Nancy Lukey
  • Nellie Rodriguez (assumed to have graduated class of 2011)
  • Riley
  • Stevie Nichols (did not complete the school year)
  • T.J. Taylor
  • Zeke Beakerman (graduated class of 2010)