Backups & Breakups 63
Trent (alias T-Fame) was Trish's new boyfriend that only appeared in the Season 2 episodes "Backups & Breakups" and "Crybabies & Cologne". He is portrayed by Trevor Jackson.

Character History

Backups & Breakups

Trent is first introduced in this episode as Trish's secret boyfriend. Trish decides to keep him a secret with Dez because he caught them at a movie together. It is shown that Trish breaks up with him after Ally catches him and he already had a different girlfriend named Becky. The only reason he dated Trish was so he could be a back-up dancer for Austin. He claims that the only reason why he was fired as a backup dancer was because Austin was afraid that he would out shine him. He challenges Austin to a dance-off, but loses due to Austin's secret move.

Crybabies & Cologne

Trent is seen again, when he comes to Sonic Boom to apologize to Trish, by presenting him a apology t-shirt. Trish refuses his apology, and he is kicked out of Sonic Boom. He later comes to the practice room where he overhears Austin and Ally working on a new song. He steals it and takes credit for it. He made a video of him singing the song, which is similar to the video for Double Take. He makes an appearence on The Wanda Watson show along with Austin. He later gets attacked by bees that Dez and Dex set free because the cologne he was wearing smelled like honey. After he blamed Austin for setting the bees free, he replaced Austin's spot as "Crybaby of the week". This humiliation would put an end to his singing career for good.


  • He dated Trish while he was dating another girl named, Becky.
  • He calls his girlfriends "Boo".
  • He was #2 most embarrassing video. The #1 video was of Ally on the Helen Show during Rockers & Writers.
  • He was Austin's backup dancer.
  • He stole the song that Ally and Austin were working on in the practice room when Austin and Ally weren't looking.
  • He calls himself T-Fame.
  • Team Austin calls him T-Lame.
  • Trish has called him "T-Fake".
  • The Entertain Me Tonight Host called him "T-Blame".
  • Austin has called him Jerk-omus.
  • He got attacked by bees on The Wanda Watson Show.
  • It is unknown if he will appear again.
  • His original series name was Kirk but it was later changed to Trent .
  • He copies Austin on almost everything he does.
  • Actually, Trent is very jealous of Austin, meaning that he wants to be more popular than him.
  • He was sweating when a bee went on him, meaning that he's scared of bees.
  • Austin said that his handshake is getting worse.
  • He stole Austin's cologne (Sweet puppy) and called it "Stay Smooth".