Treble is one of the characters in the Pixar short, One Man Band.


One Man Band

Treble is a suave and flamboyant street musician who came across another musician, named Bass, who played the same tune over and over again. Treble soon spots a little girl's coin, whose name was Tippy, and fights to get it, and also to prevent Bass from having it.

Treble and Bass soon instantly become rivals, and fight over the Tippy's coin. But soon after that, Tippy accidentally drops the coin into a drain, and cries, and gets so angry at the two musicians. She request for them to give her a replacement coin, but they reveal they are poor and broke. She takes one of the violins from the orchestra one-man-band, retuned it, and played an unexpectedly impressive tune.

A rich man, pleased by her performance, gives her a big bag of coins, and the girl eagerly picks it up. Before leaving, she takes two coins for the one-man-bands and tosses them into the top of a fountain, where she was originally going to put her coin in for a wish. Soon after the two musicians work together in an attempt at reaching the top, where the two coins remain.