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Tracy is a minor character in The Santa Clause 2.

Role in the film

Tracy is a friend of Laura Miller, who is set up on a date with Scott/Santa, because he is looking for a wife due to the "Mrs. Clause" in the Santa contract.

She initially appears to be a good match for Scott as she loves the Christmas season, wears a Christmas charm bracelet all year round to keep the spirit alive, and loves that Scott is a toymaker.

However, after she tells Scott she wants to get into the music business and sings a very loud, Christmas rendition of Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like A Woman", which results in most of the restaurant guests staring at her, Scott tells her that it kind of scared him a bit, and he wasn't expecting a performance. She gives him an angry look and gets up to leave after telling him that it was not an easy thing to do and doesn't want to continue the date if Scott is the kind of man who can't support a woman's ambition.

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