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Toy Tinkers is a 1949 Christmas-themed Donald Duck and Chip 'n' Dale animated short.


Chip and Dale are awoken from hibernation to the nearby sounds of Donald Duck chopping down a pine tree. They follow Donald, as he is singing "Jingle Bells", to his house where they spy on him setting up his Christmas tree. Seeing all the presents under the tree, especially the nuts, they decide to break into his house and start stealing the nuts. As they are loading up nuts, Dale runs into a few misadventures with the toys. Upon running back into Chip, he gets slapped back into reality.

Donald is then alerted by the sounds of Chip and Dale loading up a toy truck with nuts. Angered but mischievous, Donald activates a train set so that Dale is forced to stop at the rail crossing where he empties the truck, but Chip promptly comes by and steals the bowl of nuts back. Angered even more, Donald comes up with another plan.

As the chipmunks are celebrating, Donald Duck comes out from the fireplace as Santa Claus, pretending to give them presents. Chip being given a disproportionally larger present, Dale feels jealous and fights Chip over his present. When Chip finally pushes Dale aside and opens the present, Donald reveals he was hiding a gun in there the entire time.

Having them at gunpoint, he "arrests" them and marches them into a toy police truck where he locks them in and sends them off to crash into the wall. Upon crashing, Donald sinisterly says "So you want some nuts eh?" and loads up a toy rifle with nuts and shoots them. Chip and Dale take refuge behind a makeshift trench consisting of presents and containing a toy cannon. Donald finds them there to be shot twice by tomatoes by the cannon and promptly makes a trench of his own. Wearing a WWI era helmet he tells them to prepare themselves, and they promptly begin fighting in the style of a WWI battlefield.

Chip and Dale sneak a telephone into Donald's trench and call him via another telephone behind their own. When he answers, they shoot the phone with the cannon, sending it to his ear, and the battle ensues. The phone rings again, prepared for it this time, Donald holds the receiver away from his ear only to realize that ballet music is playing and he begins listening to it and enjoying the music, only to be shot again. In anger, he tries calling them and sending a stick of dynamite via the phone lines to retaliate but the dynamite duds. The phone calls him again and he takes another blast, forcing him to surrender, waving a white flag while Chip and Dale march out of the house as all the toys (including marching figures) carry out all the nuts for them.




Home video



  • Walt Disney's Classic Cartoon Favorites - Volume 8: Holiday Celebration with Mickey & Pals
  • Walt Disney Treasures: The Chronological Donald, Volume 3
  • Chip 'n' Dale Volume 2: Trouble in a Tree


  • The Music, which plays on the Gentleman's Duel Toy, which Dale finds, is the same music that plays during the Toy March in "Santa's Workshop"?


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