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Toy Story Racer is a kart racing game, similar to Nintendo's Mario Kart series, but based on the Toy Story franchise. The game was released in 2001 for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color systems. The PlayStation version has also been released on the PlayStation Network as a PSone Classic, in July 2010 in America and August 2010 in Europe. The game doesn't feature any characters who debuted in Toy Story 2, despite being released two years after the release of the aforementioned film.

Playable Characters

Toy Story Racer features 12 playable characters:

Game Layout

The idea of the game is to collect 200 soldiers, you achieve this by competing in and winning a vast range of different tasks, that range from single races to countdown races. Throughout collecting these soldiers you will unlock 8 of the playable characters. To unlock them you must earn the required number of soldiers for that respective character :

  • Rex - 20 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Buzz)
  • Hamm - 45 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Woody)
  • Slinky Dog - 70 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Bo Peep)
  • Mr. Potato Head - 95 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Woody)
  • Little Green Men - 103 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Buzz)
  • Rocky - 130 Soldiers (to be unlocked by RC)
  • Lenny - 175 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Mr. Potato Head)
  • Babyface - 179 Soldiers (to be unlocked by Rocky)
  • The beginning characters are Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and RC.

Racing Types

  • Single Race - Regular race, the player must finish in 1st place. (some races range in the number of laps and number of opponents).

R*everse Race - Same as regular but you must complete the track backwards. (This feature can be played on other types of races such as, knockouts, tags and smash races).

  • Race Cup Tournaments - Same as single race but players are given points for the position they place for that particular track, the toy with the most points after the last race, wins the tournament).
  • Smash Challenge - 4-8 toys are placed in this free for all style challenge, where the only way to win is to eliminate each other by using the weapons on the track. The idea is to be the last toy remaining. (By far this is where the game delivers)
  • Smash Tournament - Same as smash challenge but toys are given points for the number of "smashes" they earn during each of the tracks. To win have the most points after the last track.
  • Knockout Race - Same as regular race but who ever is in last position after each lap will be eliminated.
  • Knockout Tournament - Same but toys are eliminated at the end of every race instead of every lap.
  • Survival Race - Same as regular race but players must avoid being hit by weapons, otherwise they are eliminated. For you to win you must avoid all the hits by the opponent´s weapons and you must finish the race in 1ST place before you're timed out. (Also you can hit them with the weapons.)
  • Super Survival Race - Same as survival race, but you must eliminate all the toys. Don´t get a single toy remaining in the race or you lose the race.
  • Time Trial Laps & Endurance Races - to win a time trial lap, simply avoid being timed out at the end of the lap. Endurance is exactly the same but played over a number of laps.
  • Tag Races - To win you must catch the other toys by bumping them with your car.
  • Smash Tag Races - Same as tag race, But you eliminate them with weapons.
  • Collection Challenges - Collect the items scattered (clown toys) throughout the tracks before you're timed out.
  • Target Challenges - Hit the target boards with weapons scattered throughout the tracks before you're timed out.
  • Countdown Challenges - You must complete a number of races in time.

Level Stages

Among the game they´re 18 stages, 11 race track stages & 7 smash arenas (only one is a smash arena & a race track stage same time.)

Race track stages

  • Andy´s house (From Toy Story 2)
  • Andy´s new house (Snowy yard)
  • Andy´s neighborhood (From Toy Story)
  • Mall
  • Pier
  • Pizza Planet (external)
  • Underground parking lot
  • Sid´s attic
  • Sid´s house
  • Sid´s yard
  • Skate park (Also a smash arena)

Smash arenas

  • Basketball court
  • Bowling alley
  • Cinema (Showing some scenes from Toy Story)
  • Gas station
  • Ice rink
  • Pizza planet´s arcade
  • Pizza planet´s diner
  • The skate park (Also a race track)


In the game they´re eight items (7 weapons & 1 special item, 2 per box)

  • Yellow boxes: The Pixar ball & Magic 8-ball
  • Blue boxes: Rocket & Big whipping top
  • Pink boxes: Little whipping top & Bo Peep´s sheep
  • Red boxes: Electroshock & Battery speed boost (not available in smash arenas)



The game holds a 73.24% score in aggregator Rotten Tomatoes based on 15 reviews for the PS and 63% based on 6 reviews for the Game Boy Color. IGN's review stated "Toy Story Racer is aimed at young kids, but it's surprisingly adult in the level of detail, depth of gameplay, and its overall design", while Tim Tracy, from GameSpot, remarked that "it's no Crash Team Racing, but Toy Story Racer provides plenty of challenge for young and old alike."

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