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Totally Circus is a 30-minute children's reality series that aired on Disney Channel. It premiered June 16, 2000, and ended on September 24, 2000.


Season 1

  1. "Tryouts!" - 6/16/2000
  2. "Totally Tired Troupers!" - 6/18/2000
  3. "Totally Anxious!" - 6/25/2000
  4. "Totally Strict!" - 7/2/2000
  5. "Totally Terrifying NEW Acts!" - 7/9/2000
  6. "Totally Hot Temperatures!" - 7/23/2000
  7. "Total Rain, Total Pain!" - 8/6/2000
  8. "Totally Jealous!" - 8/13/2000
  9. "Totally Uplifting!" - 8/20/2000
  10. "Totally Backward!" - 8/27/2000
  11. "Totally Joking!" - 9/3/2000
  12. "Totally Tired!" 9/10/2000
  13. "Totally Too Short Summer!" 9/17/2000
  14. "Totally Cheerful, Totally Tearful!" 9/24/2000

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