"Total Eclipse" is the 4th episode of As the Bell Rings. An eclipse is going to occur soon and everyone is excited about it.


Jamie and Jackie looks out the window relaxing as Jackie eats his Tofu burger. Jackie says that it was a perfect snack for an eclipse sighting, but Jamie refuses and says that Wee Chong said that a total eclipse is against the school rule. Zac comes and tell the two that his grandmother told him that a man lives on the moon. Jamie chuckles and tells Zack that there is no man living on the moon. Zack tells them to not tell him that there is no such thing as a tooth fairy. Jackie says that there is really a tooth fairy. Aziz comes weird looking and Jackie asks him if it was a joke. Aziz says that it was not a joke and tells them that the things he wore protected him. Zack asks for one and Aziz tells him that it is only three dollars and he would be crazy to say no, but Jackie tells Aziz that he would be crazy to say yes. Suddenly, the eclipse started and the room turned dim. Then, Jamie asks if the man on the moon would see him if they all waved.

Aziz, Jamie, and Jackie talks about how the eclipse made the whole world crazy. Aziz tells Jackie that he is talking like Zack. Then Zack comes in, looking like Jamie, eating a Tofu burger. Aziz and Jamie gets scared and runs away.

Jamie looks around looking for Aziz. Jamie finds him and asks him what he was doing. Aziz tells Jamie that everyone is changing and that he doesn't want to be next, but Jamie says that it is ok, because Zack and Jackie are only affected. That was when Ying Ying comes and talks like Wee Chong, but then, Wee Chong comes and acts like Ying Ying. The lights turn green and Aziz tells Jamie to run. Wee Chong and Ying Ying turns around and starts smiling. Aziz and Jamie comes out from behind the statue and Aziz tells Jamie that he thinks everyone is affected from the eclipse. Aziz and Jamie starts talking how it could be an alien invasion. Suddenly, Jackie, Zack, Ying Ying, and Wee Chong comes and acts like each other. Aziz screams like a girl and hops into Jamie's hands. They say that they want to suck their brains out, but before they do, they are going to laugh at them about how they fell for the trick. They all start laughing and they soon walk away. Aziz and Jamie calms down. Aziz hits Jamie.


  • Jamie
  • Jackie
  • Zac
  • Aziz
  • Ying Ying
  • Wee Chong