Top Performance is a Mickey Mouse comic story.


Minnie and Clarabelle disguise Mickey with a wig and a dress to act in a play. He tries to get a shortcut to the auditorium so nobody can see him dressed like that, but he gets a flat tire and a fat stranger who believe him a woman helps change the tire, but then kidnaps Mickey and takes him to a house where a thin accomplice awaits.

The crooks explain their plan: Old Beeler left a cash inheritance to his nephew, but Beeler's lawyer doesn't know the nephew, so they locked him and his family so the thin crook can pretend to be the Beeler nephew, but the plan also needs a fake wife, and that's why they got Mickey.

the fat crook pretends to be a butler and opens the door when the lawyer arrives. Mickey tries to punch the thin crook, but he helds him at gunpoint and leaves him seated near a photo projector, watched by his accomplice, while he talks with the lawyer.

Mickey pretends to freak out by an alleged spider, and while the crooks seek it, he writes a note to the lawyer telling the truth. The lawyer claims to have missed important papers, but the crooks convince him to use the phone and get shocked when he calls the police. The crooks take the cash and run away, but Mickey uses the projector to show a dock and a boat on the outer wall, so the crooks try to use it to escape and crash with the wall.

The police arrive thanking "Minnie" who has to explain he's actually Mickey on his way to a play. Some cops escort him to the play while he tells the rest to free the actual Beeler nephew. The lawyer reflects that Mickey won't be able to have a better perfomance than the one he had today.