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Toontown Online
Developed by Disney Interactive
Schell Games
Published by Disney Online
Platforms PC/Mac
Released June 2, 2003
Ratings E

Toontown Online was an MMORPG that first debuted in 2003 based on the location in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It was an online downloadable game. On August 20, 2013, it was officially announced that the game would be closing on September 19, 2013. The game has now been shut down by Disney, with the exception of private servers. The site now redirects to the main page.


Toontown is a colorful world of unlimited imagination, with lots of fun things to do like trolleys, racing, fishing, etc. Toons are animal beings that love to have fun. Cogs are nasty business robots that want to suck the fun out of Toontown and make it dull and gray. The main objective in the game is to beat the Cogs with "Gags", which are graphic pranks (throwing pies, falling anvils, seltzer bottles, etc.) that are used to defeat the Cogs, as they can't take a joke.

Being an online game, it never ends. Although it did close on September 19th, 2013.


Toons are basically animals that live in Toontown. They are the main protagonists of the game and the only playable characters. The player can create his or her Toon and pick things such as gender, name, species, and clothing. They have health meters called "Laff Points". The meter is represented by the head of the toon with numbers on each eye, deturming how much laff the toon has. When the meter runs out the toon will become sad and be sent back to the neighborhood playground. The lowest laff point is 15, the highest being 137.


Cogs are the main enemies in Toontown. They try to take the fun out of the colorful land. The Cogs are robots based on buisnesspeople; their names come from terms. They have health meters on their chests, flashing a certain color depending on the health.

  • Green: not hit or barely hit
  • Yellow: a little bit injured
  • Orange: half defeated
  • Red: almost defeated
  • Slow-Blinking Red: few points away from being defeated
  • Blinking Red: a few seconds from exploding
  • When a Cog is defeated it will bend over, then its torso will spin fast and the Cog will explode.

They come in 4 types: Bossbots (brown colored suits), Lawbots (Dark blue colored suits), Cashbots (Green colored suits), and Sellbots (Gary-brown colored suits). The Cogs below are ranged from weakest to highest. 


Flunkies, Pencil Pushers, Yesmen, Micromanagers, Downsizers, Head Hunters, Corporate Raiders, Big Cheeses


Bottom Feeders, Bloodsuckers, Doubletalkers, Ambulance Chasers, Back Stabbers, Spin Doctors, Legal Eagles, Big Wigs


Short Changes, Penny Pinchers, Tightwads, Bean Counters, Number Crunchers, Money Bags, Loan Sharks, Robber Barons


Cold Callers, Telemarketers, Name Droppers, Glad Handers, Movers And Shakers, Two-Faces, Minglers, Mr. Hollywoods

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