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The Toon Bullets are six talking Toon bullets, that unfortunately turn out to be "Dum-Dums", each with unique personalties and they are all Old Western archetypes in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

During the events of the movie, Eddie decides to enter Toontown. Tossing R.K. Maroon's gun away, he takes out a Toon-sized cartoon revolver. The mahogany gun box, labeled on the outside with "Valiant & Valiant" is inscribed inside with a thank you from Yosemite Sam ("Thanks for getting me out of the Hoosegow") lined with red velvet. The ammunition, resting under a velvet crease, comes to life from a deep sleep - six Toon .38 Dum-Dum Bullets.

After the Dum-Dums eagerly dive into their respective chambers in his opened gun cylinder, Eddie snaps it shut, reaches into his shoulder holster and removes his Wild Turkey bottle. He removes the cork with his teeth, spits it out, and then after a long pause, pours the booze onto the ground. He flings the empty bottle high into the air and fires one Toon .38 at it. The Toon bullet climbs quickly toward its target, gives an Indian war whoop, and destroys it with a tomahawk.

Later on, Eddie steps into a dark alley and brandishes his oversized Toon gun with the Dum-Dums. Jessica steps out of the shadows - and fires and deflects the long-barrelled gun (similar to the one that killed Maroon) out of the hand of a shadowy figure behind Eddie to save his life. She explains that Doom had murdered Maroon with the same gun. Eddie shoots at Doom three times, unfortunately the 3 bullets go the wrong way. Noting that they were "Dum-Dums", Eddie discards the revolver with the remaining two in order to pursue after Doom.


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