Tony is a character and the owner of Tony's Restaurant from Disney's 1955 film Lady and the Tramp and its sequel.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Tony carries an obese figure. He has black hair, but he is half bald. He also possesses both black eyes and thick matching Italian-style moustache, tan skin, thick black eyebrows, and lavender circles. He wears a teal vest, a pink long-sleeved shirt with a brief V-cut neckline, collar, and each gold cufflink on both sides of his cuffs, both black string tie and armbands, a white apron, a pair of navy pants, and a pair of brown low-heeled shoes. On their romantic evening, he plays his accordion when he sings Bella Notte to Lady and the Tramp with Joe, who plays his mandolin.


Tony is a lovable man as seen in the film. He is one of the very few people in the town that actually sees Tramp or "Butch" as his friend. He can sometimes be a little short-tempered especially with his employee Joe.


Lady and the TrampEdit

In Lady and the Tramp, Joe is first seen when the Tramp, or Butch as nicknamed by both him and his boss Tony, stops by Tony's to get a bite of breakfast, and when Joe sees the Tramp, he throws him a bone for breakfast. Later on in the film, when the Tramp brings Lady to the restaurant, Tony tells Joe to get the Tramp some bones. Then, when Tony sees Lady, he knocks the plate of bones off of Joe's hand in a terrible fury and orders him to cook Lady and the Tramp a fancy dinner, instead. When the Tramp tells Tony in dog language what he wants, Tony tells Joe that the Tramp has said that he would like spaghetti for dinner, to which Joe replies, "Tony, dogs don't talk." But when Tony says that the Tramp is talking to him Joe says, "OK, he's-a talking-a to you! You the boss-a!" Joe then gives his boss the food, while muttering "Mamma Mia" in Italian, to give Lady and the Tramp. Then, Tony and Joe perform the song "This is the Night" for the lovely dog couple. Joe plays the mandolin while Tony plays the accordion. Tony isn't seen throughout the rest of the film after this.

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's AdventureEdit

Tony is first seen in the sequel showing Jim Dear, Darling, Junior, Lady, the Tramp, and their puppies a plate of spaghetti, but then, Scamp barks and jumps up excitedly when he sees the spaghetti which causes Joe to lose his balance and dump the spaghetti in Tony's face. Later on in the movie, Scamp brings Angel to Tony's where Tony and Joe present them with spaghetti, just like they did with Scamp's parents in the previous film, but instead of them singing, Tony and Joe just watch happily as Scamp and Angel eat the spaghetti together, just like Scamp's parents did long ago. Tony doesn't appear in the rest of the film after this.

House of MouseEdit

Tony stars in cameo appearances in the animated series House of Mouse. Tony and Joe made a special appearance in the episode "Max's Embarrassing Date", where he and Joe were booked to set up a romantic date for Max and Roxanne.

Once Upon a TimeEdit

Tony, portrayed by Emanuel Fappas, appears, in cameo, in the show in the episode "The Apprentice" into Season Four, like the owner of the italian restaurant where Emma Swan and Captain Hook share a romantic dinner.

Disney ParksEdit

Tony sometimes appears at the Magic Kingdom park at Tony's Town Square Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A., an Italian dining location inspired by the film.

Tony makes cameos during the bubble sequence show in Disney's Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic! along with Joe.


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