You're not the person I thought you were!
―Tomas to Violetta

Tomas Heredia was one of the main protagonists of Violetta. He previously, was an aspiring guitarist who attended performing arts school, Studio 21 to learn more about music. There he discovered his true passion, and made a legacy. Before this, Tomas met Violetta Castillo, and suddenly, he's life changed forever. He had a relationship with S21's super diva, Ludmilla Ferro, which lasted shortly. He had three enemies, Leon, Andre and Gregorio, whom wanted to see him fail. Soon, he had a new relationship with Violetta, which her father, Herman hated. Tomas, promptly, had to end his relationship with Violetta after telling her about him moving to Madrid, Spain. This broke her heart.

He is a very friendly boy, but also loyal. He is very talented and calm. Tomas doesn't frankly get into trouble, so from this, we see that he is a well-behaved child. He is similar to the Disney hero, Aladdin.

Tomas is portrayed by Pablo Espinosa.


Tomas was born on August 30th 1995, to mother Susana, and an unnamed father. He was happy that he was an only-child, until his sister, Agustina was born in 2008. He used to always play with his younger sister, whether if it was going to the park, or just staying at home.

Around September 2011, he enrolled at Studio 21[1]


Tomas is an easy-going, friendly boy with a lot of intelligence and talents. He plays the guitar very well, and even offers to help others who don't. He is also very calm about certain things.

Physical Appearance

Tomas wears retro 21st century sort of clothes, and does his hair in different ways. His trousers are normally, from a fashion company as they look very en point. He's clothes are what any normal teen would wear. His clothes are also presented well - no scruffs on them.



(birth-present; Mother)

Susana and Tomas have a good relationship as mother and father, and never have arguments.

Unnamed Father

(birth-present; Father)

Not much is known about Tomas and his father's relationship.


(2008-present; younger sister, best friend)

Augustina is Tomas' younger sister. They are also best friends and play with each-other.

Violetta Castillo

(2012-present; Former girlfriend, good friend)

Violetta was Tomas' former girlfriend. They broke up after Tomas moved to Madrid.

Maxi Ponte

(late 2011-present; best friends)

Maxi and Tomas have known each-other for a long time. They are best-friends and are also like brothers.


(2012-present; Enemies)

Leon and Tomas are enemies, after both hated each-other and were fighting for the affection of Violetta.


(2012-present; Enemies)

Gregorio and Tomas are enemies.


(2012-present; former girlfriend, enemy)

Ludmilla was Tomas' former girlfriend. They are now enemies.


(2012-present; enemy)

Andre and Tomas are enemies.

TV Appearances


Tomas appears as one of the antagonists of the show, and one of Violetta's love interest. He rivals with Leon.

Tini - The New Life of Violetta

He is mentioned and makes a appearance in Violetta's dream.

Soy Luna

Tomas makes a cameo appearance in Series 1 of the show.

Ludmilla Cyberst@r

He is mentioned and seen in the spin-off.

Austin & Ally

Tomas, along with Violetta (if you look closely) are in audience in the episode, 'Videos & Villians'.

Liv & Maddie

Tomas is seen in Central Park Halloween party, in L&M's 2015 Halloween Special.

Good Luck Charlie

Tomas, along with Violetta again, was seen in the last scene of GLC.

Park Attractions

Disneyland Paris

The Violetta Shop

Since, Violetta was a smash hit show in France, a 'Violetta Shop' was opened in Disneyland Paris, in honor of the show, and Tomas made a appearance as a cardboard cut-out statue. Though, it was planned that he would appear in real-life form. A section in the shop, 'Tomas Guitar Studio' was made in his honor. The shop closed down on January 23, 2014.

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