Tom Piper is the protagonist and Mary Contrary's sweetheart in Babes in Toyland.


Tom's love for Mary is the most important factor of his personality and his main motive for all of his actions. Through the film, Tom shows great bravery, caring and willing to help those who are in danger. In that sense, he can be described as an archetype of a hero. Always finding ways to get out of dangerous situations with the help of someone else, but in a plan that he came up with, he is shown as practical and adroit. He easily comes in contact with people who could be helpful for him and Mary, showing charm and cogency. When he is taken hostage by Barnaby (shrunken down, tied up and gagged), the villain threatens that he will shrink him to the size smaller than an atom, but he isn't showing any sing of panic of fear. He even mumbles, thrashes and wriggles while being tied and gagged, protesting that Mary decided to marry Barnaby so he doesn't shrink Tom down. That shows his bravery, love and loyalty to Mary. However, it is easy to notice that, just as he never shows fear for what will happen to him, he isn't careful and wary when there is a threat that he is a target. That speaks of his self-sacrifice, but also of his negligence and unwariness in some moments. Because of this, he gets ambushed and kidnapped two times (the first time by Gonzorgo and Roderigo, and the next time by Barnaby) both times getting in very hard situation for escape. Above all, he is very calm, collected, kind and polite. When Tom has to defend and/or fight for Mary, he is again in the form of a strong and fast hero, with a lot of physical straight.

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