Starting from 1983 when the resort opened, fireworks shows were presented at Tokyo Disneyland. There are many fireworks shows which were presented along the years. When Tokyo DisneySea opened, fireworks shows were also presented in that park. Nowadays, fireworks were presented among the entire Tokyo Disney Resort.

Unlike the other American Disney Parks,each fireworks show only lasts for 4-5 minutes every night(except Once Upon A Time).

The winds at Tokyo during summer are very strong, so fireworks were not presented during summer, except for Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland, a castle projection show which includes fireworks.

Show cancellations may occur due to inclement weather conditions or strong winds.

Regular Fireworks

Fantasy in the Sky

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Fantasy in the Sky was the very first fireworks show presented when Tokyo Disneyland Park opened. It was first replaced by Starlight Fantasy, the 5th anniversary fireworks in 1988. Then, it returned in 1996 and ran until 1998 until it was replaced by Millennium Symphony in the Sky. In 2002, it returned again as a placeholder until the 20th anniversary fireworks, Disney Magic in the Sky replaced it. Today, Fantasy in the Sky at Tokyo Disneyland will not be performed ever again.

Starlight Fantasy

Starlight Fantasy was the second fireworks show presented at Tokyo Disneyland as the 5th anniversary fireworks show, replacing Fantasy in the Sky. The two special versions were Starlight Fantasy: Fantasia '90 in 1990 that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney's third animated classic Fantasia, and Dancing Starlight Fantasy '92 in 1992. It was then replaced by the 10th anniversary fireworks, Magic in the Sky.

Magic in the Sky

Magic in the Sky was the third fireworks show presented at Tokyo Disneyland as the 10th anniversary fireworks, replacing Starlight Fantasy. It ran until 1994 and was replaced by Stardust Fantasy.

Another fireworks show called Disney Magic in the Sky (2003–2012) has almost the same name as this one, but the music was completely different.

Starlight Magic

During the 15th anniversary celebration, Starlight Magic was presented, having a similar name to Starlight Fantasy and Stardust Fantasy, and ran until 1999. In 2000, the fireworks show returned as Starlight Magic 2000 in honor of the upcoming 21st century in the 3rd millennium.

Millennium Symphony in the Sky

Millennium Symphony in the Sky was the fireworks show to farewell the 20th Century. It was then replaced by New Century in the Sky.

New Century in the Sky

New Century in the Sky was a fireworks show at Tokyo Disneyland to welcome the 21st century. It was the first fireworks show which was also performed at Tokyo Disney Sea. It ran until 2002.

Disney Magic in the Sky

Disney Magic in the Sky was the 20th anniversary fireworks show at the Tokyo Disney Resort. It ran from 2003 to 2012.

The show also featured a winter version which ran from 2003 to 2011.The soundtrack of the show was the same as the regular one.

During 2008–2009, Dreams, the 25th anniversary fireworks replaced it temporarily. After the celebration is over, the show still ran as usual.

In 2013, Happiness On High replaced it. It was mentioned that Disney Magic in the Sky would return after the celebration. In 2014, after Tokyo Disney Resort announced Happiness On High will operate open-ended, it is known that Disney Magic in the Sky is officially closed.

Happiness On High

Happiness On High was the 30th anniversary fireworks show at the Tokyo Disney Resort. It was mentioned that it would only run until 2014, which Disney Magic in the Sky would continue after the 30th anniversary happiness celebration is over. In early 2014, Tokyo Disney Resort announced that this fireworks show would run open-ended as the regular fireworks and the 35th anniversary fireworks was announced.

Christmas Fireworks

In the past, some regular fireworks received holiday overlays, including Fantasy in the Sky changed to Christmas Fantasy in the Sky, Stardust Fantasy changed to Stardust Christmas. Starting from 1998, there are no more holiday takeovers in the regular fireworks. They were divided into Christmas and regular fireworks, including Christmas Magic, Dreams, Wishes in the Sky fireworks shows.

Starbright Christmas

Starbright Christmas is the current-running Christmas fireworks at the Tokyo Disney Resort, hosted by Santa Claus.

Before the show started, in Tokyo Disneyland, Cinderella Castle had a castle performance named Twinkling Christmas Castle. It ran until 2012.

Night High Halloween

Night High Halloween is the Halloween fireworks presented at the Tokyo Disney Resort. It features various Disney villains songs and Grim Grinning Ghosts from Haunted Mansion.

The soundtrack of the fireworks does not copy HalloWishes or Halloween Screams from the American Disney parks.

Due to the 2011 earthquake, it did not run at 2011. It returned in 2012.

Once Upon a Time

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