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Tod's mother is a character who appears at the beginning of Disney's 1981 film, The Fox and the Hound.


The Fox and the Hound

Tod's mother is seen at the beginning of the film, running through the woods holding her baby, Tod in her mouth while trying to run from an off-screen hunting dog and hunter. Finally, she comes to a fence by Big Mama's tree, where Big Mama watches as Tod's mother puts him in some large grass underneath the fence post to hide and protect him and then runs away; hearing the dog and hunter coming. Then, gunshots are heard and she is killed off-screen; much to Big Mama's shock and Tod's dismay. She had sacrificed herself to save her son.


  • Tod's mother's death resembles that of Bambi's, as they were both shot by hunters off-screen.
  • Like Quasimodo's mother, they were killed in the prologue of their respective movies.
  • Many fans believe that Amos Slade was presumably the hunter off-screen who killed Tod's mother, and that Chief was the dog chasing her. However, this is most likely impossible, because Amos returned home from getting Copper shorty after, while Chief was resting at home.


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