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Toby Determined is a recurring character in the Disney Channel animated series Gravity Falls. He is a journalist for the local newspaper.



Toby is eager and motivated to get stories for his newspaper, however he suffers from insecurity and becomes sullen when people ignore him or belittle his work. He seems to yearn for acceptance, going as far as to pose as a reporter during the re-opening of the Mystery Shack to fit in with the other reporters. Toby is apparently considered ugly by many, which he is mocked for, as Wendy believed he was a monster during "Weirdmageddon" and was mistaken for a zombie by Agent Powers and Agent Trigger in "Scary-oke." He also has a huge crush on reporter Shandra Jimenez, which he keeps a cardboard cutout of.

Physical appearance

Toby wears a classic journalist outfit with suspenders and a small press fedora with "HAT" on it. He has small black shoes with a hole in the left one. He has a large nose, brown hair and glasses, with a mustache and three freckles near the top of his head. He has a large, hideous birthmark on his torso.

Role in the series

Toby is introduced in "Headhunters" as a reporter covering for the reopening of the Mystery Shack's wax museum. He becomes a suspect in the beheading of Wax Stan due to the clues behind the crime all pointing to him. Toby proves his innocence when he shows Dipper and Mabel a security camera footage of him kissing a cardboard cutout of Shandra Jimenez when the beheading occurred.

In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel," Toby contacts Dipper to ask him if he would like to report anything unusual in the town. However, this was a ploy by Li'l Gideon to lure Dipper into a trap so Gideon can kill Dipper. In return for making the call, Gideon gives Toby Shandra's phone number. In "Irrational Treasure," Toby is seen celebrating Pioneer Days. He welcomes Grunkle Stan, Dipper, and Mabel when they arrive, only to run away from an angered Stan (who despises Pioneer Day). In "Summerween," Dipper, Mabel, Grenda, Candy, and Soos go trick-or-treating and scream in horror when they see Toby after they ring his doorbell, thinking his face was a mask. He then says that's his real face. He then puts on a mask, which the gang says makes him look better, and Toby sadly sighs. In "Gideon Rises," Toby attends the Mystery Shack's Grand Closing and, like nearly everyone else in the crowd, is charmed by Gideon. At the explosion caused by Gideon's robot, Toby is among the people who arrive at the scene to learn Gideon's deception.

In "Society of the Blind Eye," Toby is revealed to be a member of the Society of the Blind Eye. When Dipper and the gang discover the society, Toby along with the rest of the members decide to erase their memories. However, after they are defeated Dipper erases his memories of being a member. In "Blendin's Game," Toby performs at Soos' birthday party under the name "The Razz Dazzler." He performs a terrible dance, and laments the current state of his life. When Dipper and Mabel go back ten years into the past, a younger Toby is seen in a dance studio learning how to tap dance in hopes of going to Broadway. However, Mabel informs him that his dream will not succeed, to Toby's disappointment. In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," Toby is among other townspeople folk camping outside of Northwest Manor. After being approached by a news reporter and asked what's going on, Toby states that he's been camping out here for days for the annual Northwest party, and although common folk like himself aren't invited, they can still try to get a peek at the fanciness of the party from outside. In "Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons," Toby is shown to be part of the FCLORP group with Soos, Sheriff Blubs, and Deputy Durland. During the end credits, the group continues their FCLORP session until Toby is carried off by the griffin that was summoned in the episode. The rest of the players decide not to go and rescue him.

During "Weirdmageddon Part 1," Toby is seen taking shelter in the Gravity Malls dressing as a punk rocker. He joins Dipper and Wendy to rescue Mabel, but is ambushed by tranquilizer darts shot by Gideon and his goons while the group tries to get a car.

Toby reappears in "Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls" as a member of the resistance led by Grunkle Stan. He participates in the battle at the Fearamid by helping pilot the Shacktron with the other rebels. After Weirdmageddon ends, Toby is seen on the news report with Shandra Jimenez as a sportscaster on Gravity Falls Public Access TV.



  • His name is a play on the term "to be determined," referencing uncertain material in newspapers.
  • Like the Wax figures, Toby has a hole in his shoe.
  • He is left-handed.
  • He suffers from scoliosis.
  • Toby is a former member of the Blind Eye Society. However, ironically enough, his newspaper sometimes reports on supernatural things.
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