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Toby is the tritagonist character from Sheriff Callie's Wild West. He is voiced by Jessica DiCicco. Toby is a kindhearted cactus that is best friends with Deputy Peck


Toby is polite and friendly towards everyone in Nice and Friendly Corners. He is especially close with Deputy Peck and Sheriff Callie

However, sometimes he can be a little immature, such as in "Toby's Untrue Achoo!" when he faked being sick in order to get some attention. In "Toby the Cowsitter", he offers to watch a group of cows and then leaves to get milkshakes, suggesting he's also forgetful. 

He's also very innocent, rarely ever understanding the times he's being swindled or even insulted, such as in "Peck Takes It Back", where Peck calls him a pinecone. Instead, Toby goes out to find an actual pinecone for Peck because he believes he didn't know what they looked like. He doesn't seem to hold grudges or get angry easily, either, even after his skills are criticized in "Horsehoe Peck". In "Toby Braves the Bully" he is against telling Callie and Peck about his bully because he thinks it would make him a tattletale. 

Toby is usually very cheerful and he loves to dance. He is also shown to love popcorn in several episodes, as well as milkshakes. 


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