"To the South Pole for Science" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on November 13, 1957.


"To the South Pole for Science" is the last in a trio of Disneyland episodes commemorating Operation Deepfreeze, Antarctica's contribution to the International Geophysical Year of November, 1956 to February 1957. During this period, five naval bases are established, with the Disney camera crew living and working along with the United States' Navy Task Force 43, and dutifully recording all scientific findings made by the military personnel. Also shown are the many obstacles and challenges which faced the explorers, among them a huge ice shelf and a network of treacherous crevasses. In 1958, "To the South Pole for Science" was combined with the previous episodes "Antarctica--Past and Present" and "Antarctica--Operation Deepfreeze", and released theatrically as the documentary featurette Seven Cities of Antarctica.

Film records activities at the South Pole during the International Geophysical Year.